English isn't embarrassing, it's fun!

The second and third weeks of camp, the students had a lot more fun and were a lot less embarrassed speaking English. 

This week we learned about the body and the face. Students proudly showed off their drawing!

They students had a race to label the body parts.

Justin came to visit Jump Start and helped us paint masks to express our new emotion words!

We also had a visit from Fiorella, who gave us some acting tips! The students created skits to demonstrate personality traits.

Some very brave students volunteered to be models in our fashion show! Sheila brought in funny hats and wigs and the students made silly outfits out of our clothing. On day two students brought in there own clothing and took over and it was quite a show! Some of our shyest students turned out to be our star performers on the runway!

On Friday we played a game to demonstrate a lesson on team work. Who knew it would be so hard to throw two balls around a circle in a pattern!? 
Justin Fell and Sheila helped campers design posters based on the themes we learned from the ball toss game (above). Themes were: sharing, together is better and love and caring.To wrap up the week we had a special visit from Jose of Peace Corps.