Fun activity to end week 1

Getting ready for this second week, I definitely see room for improvement in our classroom: specifically their playing by the rules, thinking of meaningful incentives, and more focused review. Despite our teaching experiences, Reiniery and I have to find ways not to be outsmarted by our Guácima Jumpstarters.  We negotiated our very first recess time to be 5 minutes longer based on effective class attention, good discipline, and collaboration. Soon, these quick learners were negotiating everything! To spark spontaneous participation, we´ve taken turns bringing tiny prizes (lollipops, candy, sweet tangerines which they don´t seem to appreciate as rewards anymore!) So, we told them about Fridays being super special. And we delivered: we "pair-tested" them successfully with conversation slips, reviewed body parts vocabulary with Simon Says, but the cherry on the pie was my volunteers´ yoga and stretching session.  A little reluctant at first, most boys felt physically challenged, but seemed to enjoy learning about how far girls could stretch their bodies if properly trained. Reiniery honestly tried to keep up, but it was hopeless! Thanks to our Saint Paul´s 7th grade volunteers of this week: Ana Lucía, Lucía, Adriana, and Juanpa. You brought the extra energy and fun to wrap up a great week. Check out some of the photos and videos here: