JUMPSTART hits Siquirres!

Hello All,

Sorry this update is coming to you a little late but we are now in our second full week of Jumpstart camp!
We have a full camp this year and the students are learning at an alarming rate!
 Our camp started off with a great group of students who were a little bit shy and hesitant to participate. That didn't last long...our students are now bursting with energy and constantly wanting to volunteer for the next activity. They are exceptionally bright and I find myself having to plan 2 or 3 extra activities since we seem to move through the material very quickly. Every once in a while we will play a game that has NOTHING to do with English and that keeps the mood light and fun.  The best part of these first two weeks is seeing the leaders in the group emerge and help other students when they fall behind.
This past Friday we had our first "high school readiness" lesson, where we talk about the transition for these 6th grade students into high school. I had the help of a wonderful youth development volunteer who was able to come in and talk to group about bullying and goal setting. The students were very responsive and vulnerable and I think the experience brought our group closer together. The students took the goal setting lesson very seriously and they were able to set short term goals for themselves, to be accomplished in the next six months. Many of these students have very little resources and opportunities and to see them thinking ten years into their future and setting short and long term goals was inspiring.

More to come soon!