JumpStart in Guardia, Guanacaste!

  I am so glad I decided to do JumpStart , it’s the perfect way to close up two years of Peace Corps service doing something I have no doubt is truly making a difference here in Guardia. The first day was challenging, transportation hiccups, kids talking too much out of turn and making fun of other students.  The second day I switched up the seating and reiterated the rules and things went much smoother.  Besides my co-teacher Mauren, Mireya, the school’s cook whose daughter is participating in the camp has been helping us out every day.  I truly feel supported by my community and am really proud of my students.

There is no doubt in my mind that they are an exemplary group of kids and I feel honored to get to work with them.  In one of my seating changes I placed one of the more advanced students next to a student with a learning disability. I had planned to talk to her after class about helping him out; it was great seeing her help him this morning without me having to ask. My counterpart was hesitant to recommend one of our students for JumpStart because she didn’t work in class during the school year and was disruptive in class, she’s turned out to be one of the students who is most eager to participate is always engaged in class games.  It’s been great running a classroom on the principals the Peace Corps TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) project is based on, a truly interactive and engaging learning environment.  It’s so motivating to see my students wrapped up in games in English and laughing in class and I look forward to the rest of camp!