I live in San Marcos. She livessssss in Sabalito. We live in Costa Rica!

Week 1 of JumpStart Sabalito was a success! We have two camps of 22 students each with a total of 44 students facilitated by two MEP teachers, Diego and Teresa, a recent college grad volunteer from the U.S., Shareesa and myself, a Peace Corps volunteer.

On our high school tour today (as part of the high school preparation segment), the students told us their hopes, worries, and questions about high school. Most students worried about not being able to find their classrooms on the first day or not being able to pass their classes. They told us that the JumpStart camp is helping them to meet friends and feel more comfortable in the high school before school starts. I asked one student, Daniela, if she missed her vacations, “No,” she replied, “this camp is more fun than my summer vacation at home!”

Using English only in the classroom, we have been taking tickets when students have spoken Spanish. This week, we had 11 students (half the class) who didn’t speak English all week! We gave them cupcakes and special pens as prizes. The other half of the class had only spoken English one to five times the entire week! So far, speaking English unless using the Spanish Hat has been a success.

The students have been supporting each other with their learning. When we were learning the verb “to live,” and a student would say a sentence with “he live…” or “she live…,” the rest of the class would chime in with “sssssss” to remind the student of the 3rd person form “livessss,” and we would all end up laughing at how silly we all sounded. We can’t wait for Week 2!