First Week of Osa Peninsula JumpStart

YAY!!! The first 7 days of the camp went very well despite my worries.  I have a total of 19 students from 5 different communities. There were 3 of us facilitating the first week of camp, my co-teacher, another PCV, and myself. I deeply appreciated my co-teacher’s effort for coming to the camp everyday even though he lives in a city that is about 2 hours from the camp site.

Some of my students seem to be very quiet, and I was glad to see that the other students encouraged them to participate in class activities. I also felt really happy to see students who had no problem with the topics of the first week helping students who struggled with it.

On our last day of the first week, we played a blindfold name guessing game to review all of the questions that the students have learned. Basically, the blindfolded student had to point at one person and had to ask that person a question (they could not directly ask for his/her name). Judging by their answer, the blindfold student had to guess who she/he was having a conversation with. It was fun to see that the other students tried to change their voices so that the blindfolded students couldn't guess it correctly. When it came to number practice, we asked students to work in pairs and invent a difficult number. They had to be able to pronounce the numbers that they created. My co-teacher was so impressed with the students’ creativeness that he declared everyone a winner. He told the students that everybody is a winner because in the elementary school they only learned from 0 to 100. Now, they can actually say something that is greater than 1, 000!!!