A little bit about Boca de Arenal!

Boca de Arenal is a large community of over 5,000 residents that is located in northern Costa Rica. Most of the residents work in the pineapple or sugar cane plants that cover most of the land in Boca de Arenal. Working in these plants or fields is no walk in the park, but it's the only source of income available to those who did not graduate from high school. Many of the students from Boca de Arenal aspire to improve their job choices and attain careers such as a tourist guide. Living in a country such as Costa Rica that is quickly developing in tourism now requires a higher level of English for these careers to be obtained. 

In 2015, JumpStart will work for the first time with 22 rising seventh grade students from the primary school in Boca de Arenal. In a community overwhelmed with violence and drugs, we believe JumpStart will provide a positive impact. The community, parents, and students are all very excited about this camp opportunity, and are joining together to help make this camp a success and with a little help it can go beyond our expectations. 

-Marisela Núñez, Peace Corps Volunteer, JumpStart Boca de Arenal