A little bit about La Chaves!

La Chaves and La Rambla are rural agricultural communities of less than 500 residents each. Most families incomes are based on local farms, be it pineapple, banana or decorative plants for exporting and children grow up expecting this to be their future. Both communities have deep socio-economic struggles, from poverty to domestic violence and hunger. English learning gives the youth of these communities opportunities outside of the path that has been traveled over and over again by their relatives.

Students from these two communities attended JumpStart La Rambla 2014, making it a complete success and creating the demand for another camp in 2015. The Costa Rican Ministry of Education teacher from JS La Rambla signed on for JumpStart La Chaves immediately, seeing a great opportunity for himself and his students. More than half of JumpStart La Chaves attendees have never had English classes before, this camp will be propelling them into a life with more potential.

La Chaves and La Rambla are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the camp, prepared to offer their youth the chance to explore better futures.

-America, PCV