Congratulations, future 7th graders of Amubri!

Well, JumpStart Amubri officially came to an end today so I'm gonna do one last post just to say... wow! So much can happen in 4 short weeks. It was awesome to be with the kids today, they were just bubbling over with positive energy and excitement. They put a lot of thought into filling out their final surveys about the camp and some of their comments really surprised me - like the thing that almost all of them would change about the camp would be...to start it earlier in the morning?! And it turns out that the singing that no one really admitted to liking... ended up being one of almost everybody's favorite activities!

I enjoyed sitting down with each one of the students individually as we recorded their final video interviews. But it was even more fun for me to watch them again just now, together with the ones that we made on the first day of class. It's great to see how much more English they can speak and understand but it makes me even happier to see how much more comfortable and confident they seem. I'm looking forward to being able to continue to support and teach these kids as they start their first year of high school...

 Hermana Cecilia Alvarado, principal of Amubri's elementary school, came to congratulate the students and to speak with them about the importance of continuing their education and taking advantage of the opportunities they've been given.

It was lots of work for everyone involved, but definitely worth it! Yay! Go JumpStart Amubri!!
So proud of each one of these students!