I am a student, I am strong, I am young!

JumpStart Camp B!

After four weeks, our JumpStart camps finally came to a close. This last week was extra fun because we had a special visitor from Programe Adopte un Talento from Mexico, Richard, who came to incorporate science and math into our English language learning. From making sundials, to playing a counting game with buttons, to making a mess with giant bubbles on the floor, the students had a blast learning science and math at the same time as English. What a great opportunity it was for our JumpStart camp to have Richard, the kids learned so much. Thank you Richard!

At the end of the camp, all the students wrote Thank You letters to the people who sponsored us and made our camp possible. One student, William, complained about writing a letter to someone he had not even met yet. His letter said, "Thank you for helping me to learn English. My name is William. I am fifteen years old. I live in Santa Teresa. I am tall. I am a student. I am strong. I am young. (Translated from Spanish) For me, JumpStart was a camp where I learned to share, to work in a team, and to be a more open person. Thank you to all the people who donated, you helped me learn a new language. Sincerely, William" Another student, Alonso wrote, "For me, the camp was something unforgettable that you all donated your time to us. We learned English before entering high school. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you have done for us."

My amazing co-teacher, Diego, and I
All in all, I just wanted to thank everyone who helped make this camp possible for us. It was one of the most rewarding things I have done in my service here in Costa Rica. I could see the students learning and improving in only two weeks! They built confidence, friendships, and developed a base for English. In their comments, the students asked for more days of camp and more activities. At the end of the camp in a survey, when asked what they would say to the incoming students next year who might participate in JumpStart, one student, Adriana wrote that she would tell them, "They should go because it is a very good opportunity and they have to take advantage of it." I'm ready for JumpStart 2014, are you?