Last week down...and they're off to 7th grade!

Friday, February 1st marked the last day of La Guaria’s JumpStart camp. What a special day to end a very special week! I’ll start from the beginning…

This past week the students learned to tell time, to talk about different foods and ask for food in a restaurant setting, they played fun games in order to review everything, they had  their final interview, and we had a fun visitor!

I am SO proud of each and every student. I took a look at their first interview videos and then the final one and am soooo impressed by the change. They have learned and retained a ton of English.

Doing a practice called "Match Mine"

Isenia had to attend a meeting one day for the school, so my friend Lena came down to help out with class. The students prepared interview questions for her ranging from “Do you have a boyfriend?” to What’s your favorite fruit?”. Again, I felt so proud. Later we learned how to give and receive directions in order to take Lena on a tour of the high school (on which we lucked into seeing baby pigs!).

We also found the time to squeeze in a little morning yoga. The kids really enjoyed doing something a little different! My favorite part was when we all sat in circle, holding hands and with our eyes closed. We were practicing “passing the energy”. I started by squeezing the hand of the person to my right, and then they passed it on by squeezing the hand of the person to his/her right and so on until the hand squeeze returned back to me.

Class on Friday (our last day!) started with an activity called “Say Something Nice Behind My Back”. At the beginning of JumpStart each student received a notecard with his/her name on it to place on the desk. For this activity the students taped the notecards to their backs and then wrote nice, anonymous  comments on the notecards. We then danced the Cha Cha slide, followed by some other English games, and ended the day with a mini “graduation” where each student received a t-shirt and a certificate.

Cake and a slideshow of pictures were the final treat to conclude an amazing English camp!!