A little bit about Belen!

Belen is a community of 4,000 people located roughly 90 minutes from multiple beaches and multiple luxury hotels.  Many people of the community work in tourism, whether it be at these hotels, with transportation to and from these tropical destinations, or at restaurants along the way.  Many of the jobs require at least a minimum level of English, and in order to obtain even better jobs, a fluency in English is often required.  

The students of Belen have been sharing their school building with another school, Santa Ana, that lost their school in an earthquake.  Because of this surplus of students, the school day has been cut short and therefore the students have only received half of the English lessons they normally would have received.  While in school, the students do not have access to textbooks or other supplies to facilitate their learning.  This results in a significant amount of time spent with the students copying material from the board instead of having interactive English lessons.

Students in this community are really excited for the chance to attend JumpStart! Students will be coming from several nearby elementary schools that will eventually feed into Belen High School! With snacks and drinks and some materials donated, we are looking forward
to January!

Pictured below: PCV Brittany working with two Spelling Bee winners and future JumpStart 2015 students, Marcos and Giancarlos!!