A little bit about Ortega!

Located in the Guanacaste province, the Palo Verde National Park is one of the main parks in Costa Rica. It covers an area of around 46 acres, including much of the area of the valley of the Tempisque River. One can also spot a number of wild species, as this park is rich in fauna. However, the most important fact about this park is that it is 10km from my community, Ortega.
            Roughly 700 people live in this rural community, with 600 living in the neighboring community of Bolson. The principal economic activity is tourism, due to the proximity to the park. Many tours are led through the Tempisque River to see its migratory birds and infamous crocodiles. In addition, we have a big agricultural industry because of the numerous sugar cane plantations around the region; a large part of the population works for these companies.
            In 2015 Ortega will host its first Jumpstart camp alongside two other schools, Bolson and La Guinea. Because of the large touristic presence, kids understand the importance of learning English and are waiting for the camp to begin. Luckily, all of the communities involved have a very active parent association willing to help Jumpstart 2015 Ortega become a success!

My name is Igor Ferreira Soares and I am a Peace Corps volunteer in Ortega de Guanacaste, Costa Rica.