A little bit about Los Terreros!

Los Terreros is a rural farming community of about 350 residents, 10 kilometers outside of the city Liberia. Although Los Terreros is surrounded by large companies, such as Naturaloe, Sur QuĂ­mica, Mango Tico and African Safari Costa Rica, the small town suffers from high unemployment, poverty, and drug and alcohol abuse.

Los Terreros is home to the primary school Escuela Bermudas but lacks a high school. After attending this school students must travel to the cities Liberia or Bagaces to continue their studies. The youth in this community face a prominent high school dropout rate because of the distance needed to travel and a sheer lack of resources and support. JumpStart Los Terreros aims to motivate these students, the future of Los Terreros, to continue their academic career.

JumpStart Los Terreros 2015 will include students from 3 rural elementary schools. All 3 schools have regular English instruction, but due to frequent cancellations students miss out on a substantial amount of class time. This January will be the first JumpStart Los Terreros and with the current help of teachers, school staff, and community members, and the future help of donations this camp will be able to help students improve their English and confidence to transition to high school, all while having fun!

    Six graders working diligently!

   JumpStart 2015 co-teacher Yensy working hard!