A little bit about Sabanillas!

This year a JumpStart camp will be held in Sabanillas de Limoncito, de Coto Brus in the High School of Sabanillas. Sabanillas High Schools serves dozens of elementarty schools across the rural southern region of Costa Rica. Due to the rural nature of the site, students attend small elementary schools with little to no English instruction. Also due to the nature of the site, students have very little interaction with students from other elementary schools as they tend to be far away from one another. Upon entering Sabanillas High School, most students have very little English and only know a handful of their future companeros, two things that can definitely be overwhelming.

JumpStart Sabanillas has recognized this and is excited to have the chance to make 21 students transition to Sabanillas High School a little bit easier. JumpStart Sabanillas has selected students from 6 schools across the area. Of these schools three teach English, three that do not, one that is a 3 km walk and 30 minute bus ride to camp, and three that require a 30 minute bus ride.  

So, all in all, what does the JumpStart Sabanillas camper look like? 
    - in need of learning lots of English 
    - willing to go the extra mile 
    - excited to make new friends and meet new people! 
    - dedicated, hardworking, and motivated!