A little bit about Canas Dulces/Buena Vista!

Our camp will be taking place in Cañas Dulces with students from Cañas Dulces and the neighboring town Buena Vista. It will be a volunteer lead camp with two volunteers, Jessica and Ashley. The students have placed at first level English and struggle with simple questions like "when is your birthday?" after having been taking English classes for 5 years. They are timid and constantly reminding us that English "les cuesta" or that they struggle with English. Both teachers at the schools are great, but we feel that providing a fun English-only environment for them will challenge them even more and encourage them to start THINKING in English! We want to help them feel comfortable and confident about their English speaking abilities and set them up for a successful first year in high school. We are so excited about the camp and the best part is that so are the kids!!!