2 weeks down, only 1 more to go!!

Holy smokes, the time sure does fly by quickly! I have officially had 20 students in class for 10 days now, and we only have 5 more days left together. Within this short time frame of 10 days I have witnessed a group of students transform from quiet, shy 6th graders into bold, talkative, ready-for-high school 7th graders.

Once upon a time these kids did not know one another, and now they are a tight knit group of friends! It is amazing to watch the confidence (not just in English) grow and friendships form among them.

This past week we learned how to describe people in regards to personality and physical appearance. The students learned vocabulary like “outgoing”, “lazy”, “beautiful”, “red hair” etc. They also took a look at body parts and clothing terminology. During one activity we had students brainstorm a list of famous people (like batman, Lady Gaga, and Laura Chinchilla). One student then came to the front and closed his/her eyes while we secretly chose one of our famous people to describe. The students then provided descriptions of the famous person (like “She is a musician.” “She is ugly.” etc.) so that the student with his/her eyes closed could guess who we were talking about!

The kids also participated in a relay race to label body parts!

The winning team!

One of my favorite games that the class played was the classic “Guess Who” that I loved playing so much when I was younger!!

They got the chance to design their own monsters and then present them to the class!

My all time favorite moment from last week was the amazing fashion show that some of the students volunteered to participate in! They dressed up in crazy clothes provided by Isenia and yours truly and paraded around the classroom as I flamboyantly announced what each person was wearing.

I can hardly believe we have reached our last week of JumpStart. Among other things this week, students are taking a look at forming the present tense with a wide range of verbs and talking about their likes and dislikes. We will also be doing our final “interviews” to measure the students’ learning.

Only a few more days left before it’s time to send the students off to 7th grade!! Check back later this week to see pictures from our JumpStart graduation ;)

Playing a game called "Moose" before class