Some Food For Thought

As we finished the first day of the last week of Jump Start Osa, we spent time learning about foods, food preparation, types of food, and played Go Fish with a food twist. 
The Girls Always Beat The Boys

Today, Keiler and Kevin both chuckled at the sight of papaya and tortilla in English. Each time, they both raised their hands and said, “Profe Carlos, don’t tell the others, but I think you made a mistake. These Go Fish cards are in Spanish.” Priceless! I am not sure if it was more beautiful that the two students weren’t afraid to question their teacher, or if it was just them trying to protect me. Either way I was a big fan!

The concept of Banking Education is a very prevalent teaching method in Puerto Jiménez, in regards to English, so the thought process and challenging of the correctness of my English cards was brilliant. Students asking questions and questioning the validity of something considered “factual” is wonderful.

Meet Lionela!
Thus far, teaching these 14 guilas (pronounced: gwee-luhs) has been the most rewarding Peace Corps project that I have participated in. Teaching English is a great job, but the most redeeming quality is the bond and daily interaction that one forms with the students. Although I am not looking forward to Jump Start ending, at least I know that I will have all of these students as they start their 7th grade year. 

Deep thought!