Jumping into JUMPSTART

All right here we go!! No turning back now!

My name is Liani and I'm a current Peace Corps Volunteer working and living in the community of Siquirres,  Costa Rica! Siquirres is a semi-urban community in the Caribbean province of Limón and is known for its diverse culture and agriculture production. There are roughly 35 Elementary schools in the county and I've chosen 4 to participate in my Jumpstart camp! Many of the schools in my region are currently teaching English in their institutions however, most of the elementary students still lack the language skills they will need to keep up in high school. During the last few months I visited my 4 Jumpstart schools weekly to get to know the students a bit better, collect paperwork and permission slips, and to organize the camp in general. I have encountered a lot of hurdles in this process but I'm confident that the end will justify the means! My camp will last three weeks and consist of mostly English lessons. I plan to have a few other volunteers come and help out to keep the students on their toes along with a few other guest speakers.  As Monday approaches I am a little anxious but very excited to get the ball rolling and am ready to dive into it head first!