JUMPSTART Liberia, Rockin' and Rollin'

I cannot believe that we are already into the second week of JUMPSTART, and I have a feeling that “I can’t believe…” is going to be a theme of the entire experience.

JUMPSTART Liberia had perfect attendance the entire first week, and every student arrived this Monday morning energized and ready to begin week two.

We are covering the curriculum at a great pace and have had time to incorporate icebreakers, teambuilding activities, sports, and a question and answer session with a seventh grade English teacher.

At the end of last week, every student was able to have a basic conversation with their partner, explaining their name, age, profession, where they live, and who is in their family. While some students were more enthusiastic presenting their conversations, every student went to the front of the class and spoke using English. I can’t believe that the timid and uncertain students that arrived on day one were confident and comfortable enough, in just four days, to speak in another language in front of their class. That activity alone showed me how much these 21 students will grow and learn during the four weeks we have together.

Today was packed full of learning physical characteristics, which words to use with “to be” and “to have,” and possessive adjectives. We practiced until a student reminded me that he had to catch the bus in just one minute and that the other taxis were waiting outside.

Only one week into the camp and it has been such a fulfilling experience. I can’t wait to see where this second week takes us!

Below are some pictures of the first week of camp:

Students interviewing each other.


 Students presenting their conversations.


                     Go JUMPSTART!

Practicing numbers

                           Family bingo!

Peace Corps Volunteer – TEFL