A Great First Two Weeks

Greetings from Limón Centro!

Learning family members
We are happy to say that our first two weeks of the JumpStart English camp have gone extremely well. Our twenty students are enthusiastic and excited about learning English, and they all seem to greatly appreciate the opportunity to participate in this free, intensive English course. We have had outstanding attendance, which is impressive since the students are in their final weeks of summer vacation before heading to their first year of high school.
Simon Says, "Touch your head."
Since the very first day of the camp, we have seen the kids speaking more English than we ever had seen them speaking in their classrooms. Over the past two weeks they have been steadily improving their pronunciation and learning more and more English. Of course, no one can learn a foreign language in four weeks, but we hope that JumpStart will set a foundation of knowledge and will give these students more confidence in their English-learning capabilities in the future.

Last Thursday we were lucky to have two visitors from our friends at the US Embassy, who generously contributed to JumpStart Limón. They took photographs and video, and even participated in our fashion show!
"I am wearing a white t-shirt!"
Playing the People to People Game