Half way there...

Since we are only having classes two days next week I think we are almost half way done.  Randall, the regional assessor came today to confirm lunch for Monday and Tuesday.  We are having arroz con pollo on Monday and arroz con chancho on Tuesday.

The students loved the homework for today.  They had to finish drawing and writing the descriptions of their monsters.

We have the UNA buseta tomorrow but it isn't available the two days next week.  I'll bike to camp on Monday and take the 6:20am bus on Tuesday so that I can catch the 3:30pm bus to San Jose.

One of the boys seemed more positive today.  He even volunteered to read his personal description.  Yesterday I told him that I think that he is really smart and that he shouldn't try to convince me otherwise by telling me that his answers are wrong every time he brings his workbook to be checked.  I think our little talk may have had a positive affect.

Tomorrow is Friday.  I have a couple of games planned.  That should help the students concentrate on the lesson.  They love games!  I try to turn each activity into a game of some sort.  So far it's worked.