Cloudy & Rainy

Today we had the same 16 students as yesterday.  This leads me to believe that the four 3 absent from yesterday will not be returning since none of them have contacted me.  I'm sad about their absence but sometimes there are circumstances that cannot be changed.  Today was the second day this week that we have had to use public transportation or bicycles.

We worked solid from 7:30 to 10:45 without a break.  The students from San Bernardino needed to catch the 11:00 bus so we finished a little early today.  It all worked out nicely.  So far we do not have transportation provided to us for tomorrow either.  Those of us on bicycles are getting a nice daily workout.  The regional English adviser said that he would come to our camp tomorrow.  If he comes the students may get a break to play.  We are planning a mini-graduation party for Friday.  Most of the students said that their parents are more than willing t attend.  It will a good time for everyone.

These photos are when we were learning the body parts.