Second Week of Jumpstart Coocique Monterrey!

Practicing new vocabulary words
Our second week has flown by! Our students have sustained the energy and enthusiasm for learning English that they had the first week and continue to amaze and inspire us with their hard work and effort! Many thanks to Coocique for sponsoring Jumpstart Monterrey and letting us be part of this experience. I just love watching our students practicing new words and phrases as they learn them and try to incorporate what they're learning into new contexts.

Asking for and giving personal information- phone numbers
The students have all really been pushing themselves to try something new even when they are unsure and it's also amazing to watch how they work together and encourage each other!
They have been showing us how dedicated they are to learning by coming not only on time, but early every single day since the camp has started. It rained all last night and we woke up to more rain this morning and for us to get to school and see the students cold and wet but smiling and eager to start class was such a bright, beautiful sight this cloudy morning!

Practicing conversations
While it can be a challenge to work with students who are true beginners and have never had any instruction in English before starting this camp, it is also incredibly rewarding to see how fast they progress and how proud they are of themselves when they are able to master the skills we are teaching them. There is nothing better than watching the furrowed brow of a student struggling to remember turn into a huge smile of self-satisfaction as they are able to hold a conversation in English!

Using homemade whiteboards

One of my favorite moments from this week was when I was casually asking the kids during the break if there was anything else they specifically wanted to learn in English that we hadn't taught yet and one student answered, very enthusiastically, "Everything!"

So... we'll be taking next week as one more day at a time towards learning Everything! I'm looking forward to it!