Often, we write and talk about our projects, the curriculum, the successes we frequently find, mention our partners and sponsors, among many other great things we are doing, but we sometimes forget the beautiful faces that make our project a reality; the faces that have made our project possible.

Here are the fourteen faces of Jump Start Osa who have shined as SUPERSTARS for the last month! And Osa-English-Teaching-Extraordinaire Barton.

The glamorous Leonela!
Mr. Kevin (He has a very special talent for EL)

Ms. Katherine from Monterrey. Sometimes she tries to hide her smile, but eventually it always surfaces.
Keiler and Freisel! 
Ms. Jeymi!
The Steven Tandem (Reyes and Jimenez) 

Daniel from Bambu!
Rosa, a rising superstar, from Amapola!
The Fabulous Hellen from Agujas.
The Two Sandalo Estrellas, Lady and Rachel.

Marlon has his back turned! 
Co-Teacher Barton!
This Picture Is Just Way Too Cute Not To Upload! Hellen and Steven.