Home Stretch

It is the last week of JUMPSTART and the good news keeps coming.
First, JUMPSTART Liberia is now completely funded by CRUSA, a foundation that encourages the cooperation and collaboration between the U.S. and Costa Rica. This is an amazing opportunity for JUMPSTART and CRUSA. I cannot thank CRUSA enough for giving us the chance to prove that JUMPSTART is a worthy program. And hopefully this will be just the beginning of a long relationship between JUMPSTART and CRUSA.

Second, we had the honor of hosting two visitors at camp today. The director of Costa Rica Multilingue, Marta Blanca, helped me out all day. She was fantastic in the class and the students really enjoyed having her participate in the activities. We also were able to share with the Minister of Tourism for Guanacaste, Don Alvaro. He spoke to the students about the many opportunities available to people that speak English, not only in tourism, but in any job that involves people from another country, which is becoming more and more prominent.

Tomorrow we are taking a field trip to the Science Center at EARTH University. The Science Center is a collaboration between the U.S. Embassy and EARTH University, a private, non-profit, international university. We will be able to tour the center and campus and continue with class there. The University is about ten minutes down the road and none of the students have ever been. It will be really cool to see their faces as the step onto a university campus and hear about the opportunities that are available to them with a quick bus ride.

Thursday and Friday will be filled with review games, awards, and graduation. It is incredible how fast these four weeks have gone, and how much more we have to do in the last three days.

As always, thank you for your support, encouragement and love.

                                                                                                                        Labeling Body Parts                                                                                                 

                                         Town Map and Directions  
                  Reviewing Clothing 

                                                                                      Mine Field Directions

Playing Games! 

Annie Mott
Peace Corps Volunteer - TEFL