Roller Coaster

The first week was a roller coaster.  We encountered challenges and successes throughout the week.  The challenges were generally linked to transportation.  We will not have the UNA mini-bus for the first day of week two.  The students and I met this challenge head on and came up with a working solution for the days that we do not have access to the mini-bus.  Some will ride their bicycles, some will take public transportation while others will use a private taxi.  The successes came in the form of support from the parents and the communities from where the students come.

I've created a "Memory" game for the students to use to learn the plethora of vocabulary from week one and part of week two.  I will add cards as we increase the vocabulary.  I hope this helps the words stick.

I'm hoping that week two will level out a bit.  I think I'm fairly prepared with most of the materials.  I still need to print the color copies.  I plan to do that after class tomorrow.