JumpStart Materials In Route!

Yesterday, after months of preparing for JumpStart, we sent boxes of materials from San José to 10 of the 14 communities spread across Costa Rica that will be hosting camps starting next week. To get everything ready beforehand, we had to ask for special permission to enter Casa Presidencial, the government building where we have our CRML office. It’s closed until Monday for the Holidays. Sometimes, though, work can’t wait. And in our case, it couldn’t this time! With everyone gone, we shamelessly converted the hallway into our own makeshift packing and shipping center for the morning. We then loaded the juice, books, snacks, t-shirts, and other items onto our truck and headed off to 6 different bus terminals around the city. The adventure was exhausting to say the least, but we did it with smiles on our faces. Organizing this project has involved so much work, and in some cases minor miracles. However, thanks in large part to all the generous donations we’ve received, we are now confident that JumpStart CAN be accomplished, and that motivates us to finish what’s left of the preparations. Even when carrying heavy loads in the hot sun is involved J   

Most of the boxes we shipped should have reached their destinations by yesterday evening. The exceptions are those for Sabailto and Puerto Jimenez, both in Costa Rica’s far southwestern corner and many hours away from the capital. Let’s hope all the shipments are available for our volunteers to pick up by tomorrow. We are getting down to the wire; at this point there is very little room for error!