Well, today was one of the most fun and most successful days of Jumpstart Siquirres to date! One short week ago 20 6th grade students made their way to the Bilingual High School nervous, anxious, and hopefully excited to start their English camp. Its amazing how much kids can accomplish in one short week. I've had the pleasure of watching my students transform from strangers into friends. During the first few days the students still had a lot of nervous energy but a few team building exercises and games quickly bonded everyone! By the end of the week students were spending more time with kids from other schools than in their groups.... This also caused a bit of a problem when the students decided not to respect the break times,  but it only took one (not so stern) lecture to remind them that I had to turn away students so that they could participate...and just like magic, from then on students race to the classroom ONE minute before their break ends. I have had the help of a wonderful co-teacher and together we've been able to form a routine that the students seem to enjoy. Today we introduced personality traits and everyone was so enthusiastic to participate in the activities! We played a few games and I was amazed to see how the often and willing the students were to help one another.They even burst into applause when one student who consistently struggles  correctly answered a few questions. I am truly proud of what these 20 kids have accomplished and we are only one week in!