First Few Days at JumpStart Coocique Monterrey!

We've in the middle of our first week of JumpStart Coocique, in Monterrey de San Carlos, and things are going great! On the first day of class, we had all of our students at school early, waiting for us to start class at 8:00. What a nice way to start! We knew that none of our students had received English classes before, but while conducting the assessment interviews in English, we realized that we were really starting from the very beginning as almost every single one just stared at me while I asked, “How are you?” “What is your name?” We were a little worried that our students might feel self-conscious and might be hesitant to try to speak English, but after the first day, we found out that we had no reason to worry about that! Our students have been trying so hard, asking lots of questions, testing out new words and phrases, and practicing new words over and over again until they get it. It’s been incredibly inspiring to see the effort that they’re all putting into learning English! Arelys and I are very lucky to have the opportunity to work with such great kids and they are motivating us to do all we can to keep up with their thirst for knowledge and teach them as much as we possibly can in this month!