Bitter Sweet

Yesterday another student came back to camp.  He had a family emergency and therefore missed Monday and Tuesday.  He picked up right from where we left off.  Randall, the regional English adviser, came yesterday to help with recreo (recess).  He taught the students a game that they really liked.  We also learned a song using the prepositions of location.  I didn't know if my lack of singing talent would hinder the learning process.  The students didn't cover their ears and they learned the song.  In fact they learned it so well that they sang it off and on the rest of the class.  We did an activity using school supplies.  In pairs, the students had to organize the items and then describe their location to the other pair.  The other pair had to organize the items according to the description.  When both sides are ready they remove the barriers and compare.  Here is a photo of the activity in process.

Today yet another student came back to camp.  Turns out that his bicycle was broken for a while.  Since we didn't have use of the UNA mini-bus he wasn't able to come to camp.  Having missed 3 days this week proved difficult for him.

Randall, came to camp again today and supervised recreo.  He suggested that they create a new game, but the students liked yesterdays game so much that they played it again today.  We made our Thank You cards and letters for all of the donors that made JumpStart CRUSA Sarapiqui possible.  The students also created sale advertisements to review clothing, colors and numbers.

Tomorrow is our last class together.  I think that we are all experiencing mixed feelings.  We have all grown and learned so much this month.  Personally, I am really excited for their parents to see how much they have learned in one month.  Graduation will be at 11:00 tomorrow morning.  The students will receive t-shirts, notebooks, pencils, graduations certificates.  We will also have cookies and drinks.  Staff from Costa Rica Multilingue and CRUSA are coming for the graduation.  I'm really excited for the students and sad because I will miss them.  As the saying goes, "All good things must come to an end".