The JumpStart Roller Coaster

If Peace Corps has taught me anything, it is to keep my "flexibility" handy.  I've really learned to be flexible the last week and a half.  One day we have free transportation, the next day we don't.  The first week our enrollment increased from 17 to 21.  This week many have been absent.  One of the students moved from a place where we had transportation readily available to the community where I live, therefore we had to add another schemata to the project.  The public bus system eliminated the noon bus service so a third of the students now have to leave a half hour early on the days that we don't have the UNA bus.

As for curriculum, we are still a day behind.  I actually think that is pretty good considering all the changes we have successfully dealt with since the beginning.

Next week we will go from having half day classes five days a week, to two full days of classes to accommodate my absence for the NCTE (National Conference for Teachers of English) in which I am presenting on two different days.  The regional English assessor has volunteered to bring us lunch on the two full days of class.

So here's to another week on the JumpStart roller coaster.  It's highs and lows really take your breath away.