The Final Thursday

Today was a day packed with review games, 'bubbleology' science experiment, and finally painting the student's desks! What a day! 

We began with reviewing direction, numbers, and body parts with the kids three favorite activities...all outside and really active. Part I of the day consisted of Janet's activity called Bubble-ology. The kids were given a variety of soaps and different types of instruments to create bubbles: straws, cups, spatulas, serving spoons, wires, etc. We measured the bubbles and found the biggest bubbles can be made by poking a straw in a plastic bubble and blowing through the straw. We were so impressed with the kids creativity!

Next, with our donated paints and paintbrushes, the students finally got to design and paint their desks. We had some amazing creations: lots of JumpStart desks, hearts, flowers, a few Rastafarian themed desks and even a little mouse! They were given the themes of English, science, or nature and had to paint within those boundaries... 

Tomorrow is the big day! I think more than the certificates, the kids are most excited about their peer voted superlatives...hopefully all will go well with the cake and pizza surprise for the last day!!

Final update tomorrow...

- Taylor Westfall