First Day Down, Many More to Go!

Yilena and I are both so happy, yet slightly exhausted, as we finished our first day of JumpStart World Connect - La Cruz. As we arrived an hour early to prepare, we both had butterflies in our stomach with anticipation for all of the students to arrive. At 8am, a buseta of 19 students arrived looking very excited, yet nervous. As they giggled their way into the classroom, we tried to ease their nerves with a few icebreakers and starting in Spanish. However the by the end of the day, every student had presented basic conversations in front of the class in English, learned greetings, and sung two songs in English! I could not be more proud of how well the first day went, especially considering the varied English levels we have. As it will be challenge trying to accomodate those with little to no English experience, this is the purpose of the camp and all of us, Yilena, myself, and the camp participants, will each be teachers and students along the way. 

- Taylor Westfall