A Taste of Our Curriculum: Week 1

Over the last few days of JumpStart 2013’s first week, the Peace Corps volunteers and Costa Rican English teachers facilitating the 10 of our project’s 14 camps currently in action have been busy tackling the basics with their students, covering themes such as greetings, basic conversation, and family. One of our lessons for the fourth day of camp teaches how to describe one’s age and count to 100 in English. It incorporates a fun game similar to musical chairs to teach numbers 1 through 10 that’s great for teachers looking for constructive, educational ways to get students out of their seats during class. In one of the lesson’s other activities, students use miniature whiteboards for group work. Sound like an expensive material to buy? We thought so too! At our JumpStart training last year, our camp leaders learned to make cheap, simple, eco-friendly whiteboards using cardboard, tape, and the backing from laminate paper. Check out the attached video brought to you by Megon and Kevin, the former Peace Corps Volunteers behind the JumpStart curriculum, to learn how to make upcycled whiteboards of your own! Below is our “How old are you?” lesson plan, along with the corresponding workbook activities and review sheet. Enjoy!

Lesson Plan - How Old Are You?

Student Workbook - Tasks 8 & 9

Review Sheet 3