Its Begun!

After three meetings in three separate barrios, after handing out and collecting countless permission slips and information packets, after running around Liberia asking for donations and contacting everyone I know in the States, after confirming transportation, high school access, and student attendance, after worrying and hoping and praying that everything was going to go as planned…. the first day of JumpStart went as smoothly as expected and I cannot be happier.

Okay, it didn’t go absolutely perfectly, but it was perfect enough. I arrived at the high school, Instituto de Guanacaste, early to be let in and prepare the classroom. The students, one group right after the other, arrived five minutes early! And every single student on my list showed up, plus one. JumpStart Liberia no longer consists of 20 sixth graders, but 21.

We started with a short icebreaker and then dove right into lesson one. I can already tell which students are more confident and have an easier time with English, and which students will need some encouragement, motivation and time to speak. But from their initial surveys on why they wanted to participate in JumpStart, they all believe that English will be key in their success, not only during high school, but in their future career as a chef, lawyer, and hotel owner, among others.

The day ended abruptly at 11:30, and already I can tell that this whole experience is going to fly by. I hope to give you inside access to JumpStart Liberia as much as possible.

Thank you so much for keeping up with the camp and if you donated, I cannot express my gratitude. These students are already growing and learning.

Peace Corps Volunteer – TEFL