Greetings From JumpStart Coocique Monterrey

Hello, everyone. I am Arelys; I'm working with Katia (PCV) at Jumpstart Coocique Monterrey, San Carlos.
We both are so happy with our group, they do really want to learn; they are always willing to participate. It was so exciting when we listened today how, on their second day, they were saying good bye to us.....in English!!. Can you imagine that? It is amazing because we are talking about 18 kids who have never had a single English lesson in their lives, their level is zero! But when you see students who do really want to learn, you remember the meaning of being a teacher and how important this camp is.

These kids have the right to have some basic knowledge before they start high school, and with this camp they are going to have it. And, eventually, their transition from Elementary School to High School is going to be a little bit easier. They will feel confident during English lessons, they will not feel isolated or sad because they do not know how to answer something as simple as “What’s your name?”

We are more than happy of being working here, and give our best every single day. To know that students are learning and trying hard to learn more and more every day is great. And they are giving us the inspiration to teach, give our best, and go the extra mile to help them as much as we can!