Week 2: Almost half-way there!

 It is hard to believe that in two more days, this fun month of games and learning will come to an end. But with each day packed with a million games and activities, I am sure it will feel like we have had a very full month all together.

Teaching the word "tongue"
The beginning of week 2 was interesting. On Monday, we hit a little bit of a road block with our transportation and for some reason, everyone had a “case of the Mondays”! On Tuesday, Yilena and I decided the rest of the week had to be better, so we made a few changes. First, we have a new buseta which is safe and larger, able to adequately hold all 20 kids that need transport. Secondly, we have decided to incorporate a morning yoga session each day for about 10 minutes to calm everyone and center us. There is so much hecticness trying to coordinate 20 something kids and trying to learn plenty of material that these last two mornings, when we have taken 10 minutes to just breathe and relax, the kids have been far less antsy as well! We will continue this every morning for the next few weeks I am sure...some of them are yoga naturals!

Yilena helping kids with the body tracing/labeling activity
Today, we had a wonderful guest visitor to the camp: Bryson Childress (former PCV, currently working for Costa Rica Multilingue). It was so fun to have another visitor and I think the kids like having people around as well. We have amassed two more volunteers that come each day from the Bilingual High School, so every day is a full house. Today, we learned about the face and the body. I think students especially loved two activities: tracing each other’s bodies and labeling the large drawing and a relay race activity to paste the body part labels on a “models” body the fastest! Anything that involves competition my students always end up loving! Tomorrow, we look forward to a fashion show as we continue to incorporate more material: clothes and the verb “to wear”. Wish us luck!

- Taylor Westfall