Great Day in Sarapiqui

Today we receive permission to use the buseta from Universidad Nacional.  Granted we will have to renew the permission each week but we have transportation for 18 of the 22 students.  The other 4 students will take buses and private cars because they live in areas that are not on the general route.  I will ride the bus with them.  The bus will leave the Universidad Nacional Sarapiqui campus at 6:00am, pick up students at 4 different places and arrive at the school by 7:30.  We'll have class from 7:30-11:30 am when the bus will pick us up and reverse the morning route to drop everyone off.  I should arrive back on campus about 1:00pm.  Fingers crossed that UNA renews the permission each week.  If not, we'll have to put our thinking caps into high gear to find a solution.

The parent meeting this morning was a roaring success.  The parents are very thankful to Costa Rica Multilingue, Peace Corps and all of the donors.  We discussed the situation that we have snacks for the first 2 weeks but would love their help to get donations for the last 2 weeks.  I have made copies of the donation letters to be given to certain parents who said that they have connections in the community and are more than willing to help.

In terms of curriculum, we are a full day behind due to housekeeping issues and the parent meeting. I'm sure that we will be able to catch up in no time.The students demonstrated their new abilities to introduce themselves in English to their parents at the meeting.  I really think this helped build trust in the project.  As they say, "Proof is in the pudding." In fact I have had a several parents and relatives inquire about adult English classes.  That is a completely different project but I loved the enthusiasm.

Great day overall.  Gotta hit the hay since starting tomorrow I have very early starts and long days!  Another update tomorrow, si Dios quiere.