A Special Thanks To Molly and Emily!

A Special Thanks To Emily and Molly!

One last jump for Jump Start Osa from Molly and Emily
Since the start of Jump Start Osa (sponsored by the US Embassy), here in Puerto Jiménez, we have had the honor of having two special volunteers, Emily and Molly from New York City, helping out with all of our English camp sessions. Molly and Emily aren’t English teachers, but they have made for great assistants and the students have become very fond of having them in class. Every morning the ladies have led the students with great icebreakers like the Human Knot, WAH!, Elbow Tag, Simon Says, and other fun number games. The students have noticeably appreciated having other native speakers in class, and have been able to take advantage of practicing their pronunciation. Barton and I have agreed that for future Jump Start camps having international volunteers could make a huge difference aiding students’ pronunciation. 

Drawing Faces and Labeling Body Parts

The start of class.
Hellen placing labels on her teammate, Steven.
Hellen putting labels on her teammate Steven!
 Stiven and Steven holding up their face drawings in class.
Hellen working hard to complete her face drawing.
Freisel, Daniel, Steven, and Marlon trying to figure out which Guess Who character fellow classmates are describing.

Freisil, Kevin, and Steven after being labeled by their peers.

Today we worked in teams three teams of four to five students tackling descriptions, parts of the face/body, and played lots of Simon Says. Students seemingly continue to grow together and work collectively rather than individually. Jump Start has been important for allowing these aspiring English learners to foster relationships with each other, so that they can help each other throughout high school. For more information regarding Jump Start Osa, please don't hesitate to contact us at 85878702. Pura Vida!