Today marks the “more than halfway done” point of JUMPSTART Liberia. These past two weeks have flown by and I am really impressed with the pace that the class is holding, as well as the dedication and enthusiasm that are brought by the students every day. Having English classes for three and a half hours every day is exhausting. And that is coming from someone who speaks English. The fact that my 21 students show up, participate, practice, learn, and endure my constant Midwestern accent, hand motions, and ridiculous facial expressions is something to be in awe of.  

Last week I had two visitors to the camp. Bryson, a Peace Corps volunteer who works for Costa Rica Multilingue, came to observe and hang out on Thursday. He took some awesome pictures of the students that I will add a little later. On Friday, Christopher Starr, a rural community development Peace Corps volunteer, swung by to help us take a break from English and teach the students some games. It was awesome having fresh faces, new accents, and different activities to do.

This week, from Wednesday to Friday, I am going to a National English Conference in San Jose and I am leaving my 21 students with Tara, a TEFL volunteer from my group that lives about a half hour away from Liberia. She is an amazing teacher, both in English and art. I know that Tara can handle the class, and I know my students will probably behave better for her since they don’t know her as well, but I can’t help feel like a parent leaving their children with a new babysitter. I will ask Tara to write a post so you can hear about the camp from a different perspective and about all the art activities that she has planned.

After so much planning, prepping, and organizing it still feels odd that we are in the thick of camp and it will soon be over. We still have a ton of information to get through, and it is getting more and more complicated every day. But these Liberia students are giving everything they’ve got and I cannot wait to see where they are in just a couple of weeks.

Annie Mott
Peace Corps Volunteer – TEFL